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  • Jeanne Tan

Quality Education Fund for DSTEM

Dr. Jeanne Tan is the project leader of "Design-Led STEM (D-STEM) with interdisciplinary practice of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and design" funded about HK1.5M from Quality Education Fund (EDB/QEF/2019/0531).

The project aims to enhance learning and teaching experience of creative and STEM secondary curricula via interdisciplinary practice of artificial intelligence and design. Series of workshops are delivered to around 40 teachers and 500 students from 10 secondary schools in Hong Kong. The Royal College of Art is the academic partner providing design tutorials for the teachers and students . Fabrica, the mills is the industry partner providing studio-lab envirnoment for teaching and learning activities. Hong Kong Design Centre serves as a professional community collaborator for the project.

In Nov 2020, the teachers attended workshops experiencing the creative process of DSTEM artificial intelligence and design.

During 2021, our team have been delivering the workshops in the secondary schools. Students had lectures about the knowledge of AI, Double Diamond learning framework, POF textile and DSTEM.

The content of the workshops also includes technical skills to handle POF textile. Students can create their prototype with the skills.

The duration of the project is 15 months and it will be end in Nov 2021. Exhibitions will be setup in each secondary schools showing the students' final works.

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