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Dr Jeanne Tan receives HK$1.49 million from Quality Education Fund

Dr Jeanne Tan, Associate Professor of ITC, can now support design-led science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education research for secondary schools across Hong Kong with HK$1.49 M from the Quality Education Fund (QEF). This project is also supported by design collaborators from the Royal College of Art (London); industry sponsor, The Mills Fabrica; and design community partners from the Hong Kong Design Centre. Fabrica is offering HK$398,000 in in-kind sponsorship. The funding enables Dr Tan and her team to conduct pedagogical research through a series of workshops and activities that utilise creative practices as a learning and teaching means. The project intends to engage forty-two (42) secondary school teachers and over five hundred (500) students in the subjects of design-led STEM (D-STEM) education, AI and intelligent textiles. Through this cross-sector project, Dr Tan aims to develop D-STEM curricula based on AI integrated textiles and creative practices to enhance pedagogy. Dr Tan explains: “I would like to thank the Quality Education Fund, the Royal College of Art, The Mills Fabrica and the Hong Kong Design Centre for supporting my project. Their support will enable research into methods that enhance learning and teaching experiences in STEM secondary curricula through design. Through this project, we aim to enhance pedagogy and help teachers in Hong Kong to teach and assess D-STEM, and enhance the knowledge and skills of students so that they can solve real world problems creatively via interdisciplinary practices.”

D-Stem at Fabrica, The Mills

Practice Based D-Stem Workshops

About the Quality Education Fund The Quality Education Fund (QEF) finances projects to promote quality education in Hong Kong. The establishment of the QEF is one of the major recommendations of the Education Commission Report No.7 (ECR7). The QEF provides an effective channel to fund worthwhile projects in the school education sector. The QEF mainly caters to worthwhile non-profit educational initiatives.

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