Maternity Fashion

Fashion is often used as a language of signs utilized as a nonverbal system of interacting with others. As a vital form of communication, it is not surprising to find an abundance of published literature which investigates all aspects of fashioning and styling oneself. Such literature often style subjects according to their facial shapes, body shapes, skin coloring, and social needs. While there are texts which address maternity fashions from a Western perspective, it is interesting to note that there are few existing literature which explores the fashion needs of pregnant women within the Hong Kong market.

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This research aims to explore the maternity fashion needs of the local market and design a range of fashion designs and intimate apparel which will serve as a styling reference for the Hong Kong maternity market.self image (Body Cathexis) is a vital component to a healthy pregnancy, research indicates that the rapid physical changes which a pregnant woman undergoes over 40 weeks may bring about dissatisfaction with one’s body image thus leading to distorted eating, poor psychological health and affecting labor. Therefore it is important to address this gap within research and gain a better understanding for local maternity fashion needs.

Although the current literature which explores western maternity styling may serve as a reference for the local market, different cultural, sociological backgrounds and physiques meant that local pregnant women require alternative maternity fashions as compared to their western counterparts.